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Basket…. so long i never update went back to blooger than come back bloody hell….okay so i’m back from RL and back to my VL ohh before that this blog is merge with my school blog so that means that school blog with be @#$%ing here and my friends would see my post and if they do let me know i hate all of themm…and NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER merge your school blog with your own blog cause your friends will freaking bitich like how i hate one of my friend who bullied and threaten me and has become a f@#king bitich mooron will not say his name his parnets are rich and that he thinks he own the world(class and school) and he can bully other kids i freaking hate him…i will now stop this post lolz

the battle royal begins in the s2 25

basicly i’m making this post is because of the fight in the s2 25 yes it’s a fast watch to me and i;’m gonna tell you about the battles and some i know first setuna found the “reborn” gundam and was shocked to see a so call “guncannon” gundam with a two bear cannon at the shouder need the chest and was like “omg”than that bitich talks and the battle begin so now we flue to part 2 and when they were fighting fairly gadasse and garazzo come and make it un-even and than the gedasse shot 00’s leg and a big dust came out and buy reborn gundam more time than so he go into the dust and hit oo riser which he hit a rock at the back(where the hell that that thing came out) so he kind off flue and hit the reborn gundam which no dammage was taken but a dust which we will go to the fight  beteween the gadasse fight with cherudim the cherudim got hit alot due to the battle with ali and he did kill the gadasse fairly and for the garazzo …….it’s gone in a short time as arios shot it and got hurt badly and before them fighting cherudim got hurt badly and he’s eyes is hurt too the lockon and the reason he took the gadasse down is becuase of tran-am which he opens he’s bloody eye and the reborn gundam fight with 00 riser is that when 00 riser when to  the reborn try to shot the 00 riser with it’s saber but didn’t get him and when he is gonna attack the 00 riser with the gun or sword the 00 riser teleport to the side of reborn gundam and tran -am again and the  the same goes for the reborn which the reborn hit the 00 riser’s head and get hurt really badly with the gun in the other hand and as he got hurt the reborn took down the 0 gundam gn-drive which a dust came out alot and buy ribbon alot of time to run just as he was about to run the boosted went down(way to go boosted!) and what he did was to look for a gundam and saw 0 gundam which the CB guy left it that(@#$% you bitich) and let the stupid take and put the gn-drive into the back(how did he fix it so fast and just as the dust came to a stop setune open his eyes and saw the flower where feldt give him and he thought of something which the mothership have and i think he ask the mothership to send EXIA to him and he fix the exia gn-drive into it and the battle begin with the exia vs 0 gundam and when the 0 gundam when to the 00 riser(damage) to get the other gn-drvie he saw the gn-drive gone and look at the space and saw a gn-pacteil which is the eixa!!!! w000t!! and they fight alot until setuna make a marking in the cockpit of the 0 gundam and same goes for the exia a marking which i won’t forget and than both let they’re sheilds down and make a sword to sword with exia to star off and in the end the 0 gundam got hit in the cockpit and exia got hit on the side near the cockpit and the 0 gundam finish the exia with a BOOM! and send exia flying off and the 0 gundam gn-drive goodbye and just as the fight ends the war ends too as they got back 1-3 gn-drive back as the seraphim make a boom and the gn-drive when boom too and the 00 gundam too so 3 gn-drives back and in earth every time change as saji crossroad tells lousie what happened and patick got married with the woman he loves and maria do her stupid talk about peace and i find it boring and lockon went to vist the other lockon and anew and talks to them and went back and Allelujah and his gf went into a hike on a montain and the mothership flue off with the top camo and with all inside but no teria and Allelujah inside but as the ep end teria say something about inside veda and the soul kind of came out and i don’t know and as that finish a vid say something in japanese that a new movie is coming out which is 00 series in 2010 and and at first i tought it was a season 3 so i got execited and kind off jump for joy but no so yea thats it in the series i like the whole thing and i was thinking if i buy 0 gundam and eixa a can show a display of them fighting in the scene and yea this is the end of the post and i just got 2 astray today what i do is spray the red parts green since i want the green frame and i won’t be at the computer trrw so i will be back at 2 days time and it’s night time so i wanna say good-night and cya!!!!!!!!!!! Read the rest of this entry »

Hello world!

Hey there guys it’s princeathrun9 or infinitesaviour49 in youtube or A.K.A athrun for short and yea my new blog lol and btw i will put my work like lives hobby and gunpla of couse and btw the meaning of “HHGH” is hoppy help n gunpla help hehe so yea i will post a new post soon cya!