my classmates DO NOT  add me in facebook….i hate you all my classmates!



Basket…. so long i never update went back to blooger than come back bloody hell….okay so i’m back from RL and back to my VL ohh before that this blog is merge with my school blog so that means that school blog with be @#$%ing here and my friends would see my post and if they do let me know i hate all of themm…and NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER merge your school blog with your own blog cause your friends will freaking bitich like how i hate one of my friend who bullied and threaten me and has become a f@#king bitich mooron will not say his name his parnets are rich and that he thinks he own the world(class and school) and he can bully other kids i freaking hate him…i will now stop this post lolz